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As the title of the site suggests, the following books are erotic novels for straight men and couples, but be warned: they are also socially rebellious. The central male protagonists are neither abusive nor alpha males. The central female protagonists are neither victims nor hostile toward men. The males do not need to be controlling; the females do not need to get away from men to find their identity or empowerment. Yet, these erotic novels probably have more story than you might think.

Click here for The Spearhead

Click here for The Spearhead

The conflicts are strong, and the sex is stronger. Internal conflicts reflect emotional struggles within characters, usually involving social or sexual mores or restrictions. The taboo of the BDSM lifestyle is one example. In the external conflicts, usually the couple becomes united in a struggle against societal oppression of some kind. Along the way, the erotica gets hot with a lot of oral sex, anal sex, masturbation and bondage, most involving couples sex.

Click here to read the entire review and link to Gunnar Angel Lawrence's blog.

Click here to read the entire review and link to Gunnar Angel Lawrence’s blog.

If you are in the mood for new erotica–graphically sexy, kinky and politically incorrect–read on! If you want to start with a free taste, click here.

Usually no one drives Dave Fowler's Corvette. When he finally hands the keys over to a friend, the results are disastrous! Click here to read the erotic novel.

Usually no one drives Dave Fowler’s Corvette. When he finally hands the keys over to a friend, the results are disastrous! Click here to read the erotic novel.

Whips, Ropes and Love

She raised an eyebrow, reached into the bag and said, “What’s this, Davey?”
Her hand came out clutching a coil of white, cotton rope.

When the daughter of his calculus professor invites him into her house, Dave Fowler realizes that he has more to worry about than his poor grades in the course. The chance encounter between Dave and Marisol ignites a love that burns hotter in the face of social and legal opposition and changes their lives forever.
Dave is a conservative, Catholic, twenty-seven year-old virgin who harbors secret bondage fantasies. Marisol, Mexican by birth, grew up in Spain and followed none of the sexual or politically correct restrictions of the United States. Seeking freedom, the lovers struggle against social aggression and extremism, as well as Dave’s religious and sexual inhibitions. As their love and passion grow, the younger Marisol becomes the teacher, and Dave becomes the student learning the most erotic and exotic lessons of his life.

Available in paperback and hardcover at or Amazon United Kingdom or or direct from the publisher.

The Amazon ebook Kindle edition is available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

The Barnes & Noble ebook edition is availabe from The NOOK Store.

Other UK listings include The Book Depository and WH Smith.

Available in Australia from and Angus & Robertson.

Of course, you can always order a copy through your local or chain bookstore with the following information in hand:

Title: By Any Other Name: An Erotic Novel of Suppression and Freedom
Author: William Rand
ISBN: 9781462699742 (probably the most important detail) for paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1630000936 for hardback
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Publication date: 2 October 2012

* * *

asian massage billboard

Click here to buy the ebook on

Click here to buy the ebook on

“Saving a White Knight” is an erotic tale for men and MRAs. It is a story about a white knight who needs to learn the truth about life, and it is about the fun that can be had in Asian massage parlors. It is also a social protest story about political correctness, censorship and the oppression of men on United States university campuses.

Meet feminist programmed University Professor Russell Patton. He hates himself and doesn’t even realize it. Known to others as a white knight, Russell, suffering from stress and frequent headaches, lives his life in a shroud of political correctness, unable to see beyond the boundaries.

Occasionally, the headaches become too painful and the stress too intense, so Russell, feeling guilty, sneaks away for a ‘happy ending’ massage in an Asian massage parlor on the other side of town. The Asian massage parlor becomes Russell’s temporary escape, and Mei, a Chinese masseuse, becomes his only comfort—emotionally and physically—with her sensual massages.

When a series of events, beginning with a false discrimination complaint, force Russell to examine his life and conditioned beliefs, he resists. When Mei disappears, Russell’s mental armor begins to crack. The novella serves as an indictment of political correctness, conformity and social culture on United States university campuses, but it is also romantic and erotic with plenty of graphic sex scenes. “Saving a White Knight” is ultimately a coming-of-age story for men.

The story shows the hidden facts about university life for men as well as the whole truth about Asian massage parlors. Read “Saving a White Knight” and see what has been obscured by the politically correct version of life we have been taught to believe.

The ebook is only available on Amazon:, and in Spain from

For more nonfiction information on Asian massage, one of the culturally misrepresented themes in the ebook, “Saving a White Knight,” see the following:

Click to visit the Kingsway Asian Massage site

Click to visit the Kingsway Asian Massage site

Click to visit A&A Asian massage link

Click to visit the A&A Asian massage site

Check out my research articles on Asian massage for reference. Then see more of my fiction below, including erotic horror.

"Life in Massage Parlors" Click to read the article at

“Life in Massage Parlors” Click to read the article at

Undercover journalists describe life in Asian massage parlors in Vietnam.

My Experience at an Asian massage Parlor

My Asian Happy Ending Massage Experience

YouTube and other videos on Asian massage–

* * *

A new erotic novel in the works

When English professor Tim Fowler finds his wife in bed with his department chairman, he thinks his life is finished. His only recourse is to seek advice from his young nephew living in Mexico. A vacation south of the border begins the erotic adventure. With his nephew’s help, the conservative Tim looks for love in all the wrong and right places, having a very good time along the way. Can he keep up with his new, blooming appetites? Can he find a woman with the same tastes who can lead him even higher? The novel contains oral sex, BDSM, anal sex, masturbation, bondage, and a story of loss, love, erotic fullfillment and rebirth.

Prologue The novel has some of the same characters as my previous novel By Any Other Name, so if you haven’t read that one first, this free Prologue to Rebel Headed South might be a bit of a spoiler.

* * *

Are you in the mood for some great erotic horror fiction? Click below.

Horror Site Banner

Available in paperback and Kindle editions from Click here.

Available in paperback and Kindle editions from Click here.

When Mark Thompson goes across the bridge from Texas into Mexico for a night of fun, he has no idea that the sexy stripper who ends up on his lap is a vampire. Despite his crush on the beautiful woman, Mark’s strict, Catholic upbringing tells him that he must destroy her. Can he do such a thing, or would eternity with Carmen be so bad?

Religious dictates battle with love to push Mark toward a decision that will change both their lives forever.

The idea for “The Vampire’s Song” came to me while I was sitting in a strip club in Mexico. I had been in Texas researching material for a vampire novel, so the horror theme was already in my mind. As I sipped my beer, I began to think of the human elements of both the ladies dancing and the men watching. Despite the social prejudice surrounding strip clubs against both dancers and patrons, the people I met there were, after all, just people, each with a life: fears, desires and, perhaps, personal problems or tragedies. I wanted to show them as such in the midst of a horror story. The Kindle ebook edition is available here.

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23 01 2013
By Any Other Name -- Masculist Erotica with a Political Edge - The Spearhead

[…] was I wrong. There’s nothing feminine about Rand’s writing. His latest book, By Any Other Name, is suffused with male sexuality; it is every bit as graphic as the male imagination. It was a […]

1 02 2013
29 03 2013

In real life I suspect English Professor Tim Fowler would be hit up with a sexual harassment lawsuit, fired from his job and wind up in the poor farm. *sigh* =(

9 05 2013

Hello, Seth:

You are probably right. That anti-male culture is why I live in Mexico.

29 03 2013
Fred Rickles

Re: By Any Other Name … “Dave is a … twenty-seven year-old virgin.” Dang! Outside of priesthood, I don’t know about how realistic that is these days no matter how conservative and religious someone is. That’s probably 10 years beyond the average age guys lose their virginity these days.

9 05 2013

Hello, Fred:
Twenty-seven is about ten years past the average guy’s first sexual experience. Nevertheless, the research I found shows that 2-5% of thirty year old men in the United States are virgins. Here are some relevant links.

Was I a virgin at twenty-seven? Of course not.

31 03 2013

This is a bit of a personal question I suppose, but I have wondered if you are into the “alternative” lifestyle? If one is going to write about BDSM realistically it would seem to be a prerequisite. TIA

9 05 2013

Hello, Peachy:

That is an interesting question that seems to address social convention as much as writing techniques. Writing from experience is generally preferable but not always necessary if the research is thorough. I wrote an article about that “writing from experience” issue on the “Uncensored Articles” page here: The answer to your question about my BDSM experience, or lack thereof, is in the article.

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