Uncensored Articles

Do you have something you want to say about eroticism, sex, relationships, censorship, men’s issues, political correctness, religion, government, discrimination, books, sports, writing, movies, education or pets? Speak–or rather, write–freely here. Submit an article, book review, editorial or narrative, in English or Spanish (the only two languages I read well enough), focused on the unique point you want to make. I’ll start, and occasionally, I will write something else. Keep in mind that ongoing discussions and comments are for the blog posts. These submissions are intended as separate articles. I say that because any short comment or response you make will show up faster in the blog below than as a new article. Say what you believe in the article. You can talk about your current government administration, a book you read, a nice–or not so nice–hotel or country you visited or last week’s football game if you want, but try not to make the article too timely. And remember that the main ideas on the site relate to erotica in any media, erotic stories and novels in particular, creative writing in general, political correctness, men’s issues, social, religious or government oppression and censorship.

The length is up to you, but most articles run from one to ten pages or so. I won’t censor you, but I may ask for a revision if your grammar is less than admirable, your facts are incorrect, your sources are not properly cited (MLA, APA or Chicago style, as you please) or if you seem to be ranting too much. Send your piece in some MS Word compatible format as an attachment to: williamrand@rocketmail.com. Include a website URL if you have one and a short bio if you want. Don’t expect a reply. If accepted, your article will show up on this post in a week or two, or I will ask for a revision in the same time period, unless I get swamped with submissions.

Look for article titles and authors below with a link to the text.

Article Title                                         Author                      Publication date

What to Expect From a Sensual Massage Magicmelly                        26 April 2013

Write About What You Know . . . or Can Look Up   William Rand     13 April 2013

The Crime of Free Thinking                    William Rand                    10 April 2013

More Than a Simple Romance, a Review of ROZ:
The Story of a Jamaican Lolita               William Rand                      2 March 2013

The Best Romantic Places
in Bucharest, Romania                           hillfingerr                         12 March 2013

The Best Erotic Massage Parlors for Men
in Bucharest, Romania                         hillfingerr                           29 February 2013
The article gives a detailed report, including locations, maps and sexy photos.

Review of By Any Other Name            Gunnar Angel Lawrence         1 February 2013
This is a book review of the novel By Any Other Name: An Erotic Novel of Suppression and Freedom by William Rand. The review also appears on Amazon.com.

By Any Other Name — Masculist Erotica
with a Political Edge                              W.F. Price                         23 January 2013
This is a book review of By Any Other Name: An Erotic Novel of Suppression and Freedom by William Rand. The review appeared originally in The Spearhead.

“The Craftsmanship of Arousal”             William Rand                     17 December 2012
The article presents a brief overview of techniques to improve the writing of erotic novels to make them more effective and memorable.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Reliable
Unreliable Narrator
                              William Rand                     28 January 2013
The article discussed techniques and importance of character development using Poe as a model.

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