Review of “By Any Other Name”

by Gunnar Angel Lawrence

author of May Mistresses (A Year in Love and Erotica) and Fair Play

1 February 2013

Hot sex scenes? Check. Passionate love? Check. Drop-dead sexy heroine with a shocking secret? Check. Intense BDSM encounters? Right off the bat! The reasons that you typically choose to sit down and read through an erotica novel may vary, but it comes down to how well the scenes are crafted and in all reality do they arouse you. William Rand’s ‘By Any Other Name’ has all of that. Are you particularly interested in interracial sex? That is in this novel too. Asian, White, Latino and Black characters, each enjoys the different attitudes, characteristics and passion that each culture brings to a sexual relationship.

But Mr. Rand introduces an element to his novel that is seldom present in any erotica novel, if ever. That element involves the effect that political correctness, feminism and hyper-religious fervor has had on the shaping of the American male and his approach to women and sex. These elements have worked together to ‘castrate’ masculinity. This is illustrated in one scene where the man continually asks a very receptive (non-feminist, Latina) female for permission at each step in his initial moves on her. She eventually gets frustrated with him and leaves.

He is right. When a man can’t open a door for a woman, or compliment a woman without being labeled a sexist or accused of sexual harassment, that type of thinking progresses until a man can then no longer behave as a man would naturally. A number of the characters in his novel demonstrate this type of thinking quite loudly and proudly. Feminism has done untold damage to the culture and relations between men and women in the United States of America.

But there is something else that ‘By Any Other Name’ brings to the forefront. That is the issue of morality and its role in shaping culture and laws in our country. At what point does one person’s morality become law that others must obey? When one culture observes and accepts social mores that are considered taboo and even illegal here, is one right and the other wrong? Have the hyper-religious ideas of a few ended up shaping laws that end up imprisoning the wrong people?

Whether you agree with Rand on this or not, whether you think (or have been conditioned to think) that it is wrong, sinful or immoral, his book will cause you to do the one thing that many people fear and that is to think. What side you come down on isn’t the point, it is that he had the courage to write this novel that flies in the face of conventional thinking on the subject. By the time you reach the end of the novel, I would challenge you not to envy David’s relationship with Marisol.

Throughout the novel, he adds quotes from noted thinkers, philosophers and political figures. If you are not into philosophy, thinking for yourself or being challenged, it is still worth reading through for the sex scenes alone even after you have learned Marisol’s shocking secret. For those that aren’t afraid, be prepared to be aroused, educated and challenged.

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