What to Expect From a Sensual Massage

by Magicmelly 26 April 2013

When I do a sensual massage, I like to set the stage with dim, romantic lighting. I have the guy get completely nude, and just use a hand towel to cover the buttocks and groin. I start off with him laying on his stomach and massage the back. For an hour long massage session, I like to work with him on his stomach for 25 to 30 minutes.

I usually start at the neck and shoulders and work my way down. I always ask permission and see if he wants his butt massaged. In sensual massage, I find that the key is to massage as close to his groin as I can without actually touching any of it. That gets guys really excited.

When it’s time to flip over, I always hold the towel so I can try to cover his groin. I then start on the shoulders and chest and work my way down. Again, as I near the groin, the key is getting close to the groin without touching it. With just a small towel covering it, it’s easy to see if he likes it 🙂

The benefits are the guy gets the thrill of a different woman touching him in an intimate way without any strings attached. It feels good and is relaxing.

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